Friday, January 20, 2012


Hi. I am The Herbal Remedy Wife. I have always been interested in herbal remedies and natural health. A year ago I started working in the vitamin and body care department of one of our country’s top health food stores. Along the way I have discovered some great ways to improve my health and the health of others. 

Take my sister for example. She is anemic as the result of an autoimmune disease that causes regular bleeding and interferes with her ability to absorb iron. Regular iron tablets weren’t helping and her doctors suggested receiving iron through an IV which required sitting in a hospital for 3 hours on a weekly basis and caused some very risky side effects. I suggested she try liquid iron. She has been seeing doctors for awhile about the anemia and no one ever suggested liquid iron. She has been on liquid iron for about 2 months now and her blood work is showing much lower levels of anemia and her energy levels have improved.

As we begin the New Year, I feel that it is prime time to put some of the products I am familiar with to the test, to see if they work.  All products mentioned in this blog have been tested by a real person: The Skeptical Husband.
The Skeptical Husband, has agreed to be my guinea pig and try my nutrition tips and products. He’ll let you know whether something is the real deal or whether it’s a bunch of phooey.
Let me tell you a few things about this guy: He’s super-smart (so no fooling him!). He’s as stubborn as a mule (change is hard). He tends to eat for flavor over health - his parents taught him that fruits and nuts are for, well, fruits and nuts. He currently does not use any nutritional supplements or “clean” body care products. He exercises occasionally, and is incredibly hilarious (so you know you’ll enjoy the ride). Lastly, The Skeptical Husband is a truthful and no-nonsense kind of guy, so you should take notice when he has something good to say about any of my suggestions. 
The great thing is that this little experiment is all in the name of health, and hopefully at the end of the day we’ll all be healthier as a result. 
First up, a detox cleanse. Check back for The Skeptical Husband's review in 10 days. 

Hi. I am the Skeptical Husband. Truthfully, I am skeptical about a lot of the products The Herbal Remedy Wife sells in her store. For example, I have serious doubts about the medicinal qualities of chia seeds and essential oils. Where is the science to support the claimed benefits? 

Until recently I was pretty unconvinced about a lot of the organic meat they sell in The Herbal Remedy Wife's store, as well. Bacon is bacon, right? And I am not going to pay triple the price for “organic” bacon. But one day on a whim (using The Herbal Remedy Wife's employee discount of course) I bought the organic bacon. And it was mind blowing experience. It tasted so good. It tasted, apparently, like what bacon is supposed to taste like.

The bacon epiphany has caused me to reconsider my opposition to organic meat. And if I am going to reconsider my opposition to organic meat then maybe I should reconsider my opposition to herbal remedies.

So, with a semi-open mind, and a bit of reluctance, I’ve agreed to try almost anything (no Diva Cups) The Herbal Remedy Wife gives me. I promise to be honest – brutally so if necessary – with my review of each of the products.

Wish me luck. I think I am going to need it.

PS. I still think chia seeds are a bunch of bunk!


  1. This is great! I can tell you from personal experience that Floradix, liquid iron, is AMAZING.

  2. Thanks Heather! That is actually the one I recommended to my sister.