Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am on day number four of the vegan diet, and I have no major complaints. In fact, so far it has been really easy.

Before I started the diet I went to the supermarket to take stock of what I could and could not eat. I was disappointed to find out that an Indian lentil dish I really like has cream in it - so it's off the list.  But I was happy to discover that Pad Thai noodles are totally vegan.

My recent supermarket excursion was probably the very first time that I seriously looked at the ingredients on packages of food.  I've looked at price.  I've looked at calories.  But I have never studied the actual ingredients like I did a few days ago. That's really crazy when you think about it.  I am almost 40 and I have never given serious thought about exactly what I put in my body. That's insane, but I am guessing that it's probably pretty typical.

The biggest adjustment in my diet at this point is having to switch to a soy latte at Starbucks, which costs extra unless you have Gold Card. But if you have a Gold Card then there is no extra charge for the soy milk - so at least I've got that going for me.

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